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The industry-leading,high-quality, quick-turn PCB prototype manufacturer

King Sun PCB Technology is a manufacturing enterprise that be engaged in high density interconnector multilayer,various types PCB prototype and mass production.Our products included: HDI PCBs, Via in PAD PCBs,ENEPIG PCBs,Castellated Holes PCBs,Small BGA ball PCBs, Heavy copper foil PCBs, High Frequency PCBs,Rigid-Flex PCBs.

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Our Service

Quick-Turn Lead Time

We provide quick-turn lead time.if you order today, 3 days later you will get PCB board on your desk.

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Free DFM Check

From now on, you will not make mistake as we have special team help you free check your PCB design

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High Quality

You just need cost 1/2 price or lower of your local supplier, you will get high quality PCB and excellent customers service.

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How To Repair PCB Circuit Board?

Analysis of PCB failure phenomena Incomplete statistics of the fault parts of the circuit board: The chip is damaged by 30%; the discrete element is damaged by 30%; the connection (PCB plate copper wire) breaks 30%; the program destroys or loses 10% (there is an upward trend). It is known

PCB Poor Welding Analysis And Solution

Why some PCB solder service life is short?  They are occured bad welding phenomenon after a period of time led the electric device bad.Today, let's analyze the main reasons. PCB poor welding analysis: PCB surface pad or SMT be oxidated lead to poor solder. PCB has dusty or oily materials on

How To Inspect PCB Assembly Board?

(I) let's learn about the standard shortcomings of quality testing. Serious shortcomings (in CR): any shortcoming enough to harm the human body or machine or to endanger the safety of life, such as unconformity / burning / electric shock, etc. The main shortcomings (in MA): can cause damage to the product,

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