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Flex-Rigid PCB Technology

Flex-Rigid PCB is mix FPC and Rigid PCB,followed special requirement and press them together. It’s compatible both of FPC and Rigid PCB advantages.enginner always use 2 rigid PCBs,a flex pcb and a switch to connect them before Flex-Rigid PCB be published.Flex-Rigid PCB have strong resistance for bad application environment,it’s good apply in medical equipment and military facility.
In order to improved the connect reliability between flex PCB and rigid PCB,PCB manufacture developed Flex-Rigid PCB.

Smart phone is still the biggest market of Flex-Rigid PCBs.more and more function required ,like legend edit,email handle,picture element enhance of digit camera,etc.follow mobile TV,Mini projector,Map function strengthen and other mobile function diversification, Flex-Rigid PCB will application in module and whole equipment.

Flex-Rigid PCB advantages:
2.Dielectric is thin
3.Transmission routing is short
4.Small through hole
5.Small noise signal,high reliability
6.Flexible to change shape in special space requirement.
7.Resist high and low temperature and fire.
8.Can fold and don’t effect the transmission.
9.Against electrostatic disturbance.

Flex-Rigid PCB weakness:
1.The fabricate technology is complex : involved rigid PCB and Flex PCB technology, it’s very complex make them at the same time.
2.The cost of equipments are expensive for both rigid PCB and flex PCB.
3. Use: if one board damages, another boar is unuseful.

The process of Flex-Rigid PCB.

Flex-rigid PCB fabrication process

The technology difficult of Flex-Rigid PCB:

Below is a 6 Layer Flex-Rigid PCB with symmetry stackup and one flex PCB.

Flex-rigid PCB layer stackup

1.All Flex board plating process used tow board avoid Flex board too thin to scrap.
2.Press PI cover with carefully and no air bubble.
3.Rigid PCB use depth milling to making for flex PCB, and PP used no-flow type avoid overflow when press lamination.
4.The inflate and shrink ratio is different between flex PCB and rigid PCB.

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