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How to choose PCB material?

1.  Some comments for select PCB materials:

  • For electronic products, using FR4 epoxy fiberglass materials.
  • For high temperature application or flexible circuit board, using polyimide materials.
  • For high-frequency circuit, using Rogers or Teflon materials.
  • For high heat dissipation products, using metal core materials,like Al based material.

2. Five factors we should consider when select PCB material:

  • High transition temperature(Tg) degree materials is necessary for high speed digit PCB.
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE) is necessary.Since the X.Y and coefficient of thermal expansion in the thickness direction is inconsistent,it’s easy lead to PCB deformation,and cause PTH hole break and components damage.
  • Requires a high heat resistance.General requirements for PCB to have 250℃/50s heat resistance.
  • Requires material flattening. SMT soldering require PCB warpage <0.0075mm/mm.
  • High-frequency circuits require high dielectric constant,low dielectric loss materials. Insulation resistance, breakdown voltage, arc resistance should meet product requirements.

3.FR4 property according to IPC-4101

FR4 material


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