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How To Choose Reliable PCB Factory?

High precision electronic products usually go through three stages: R &D, trial production, mass production, then how to choose the PCB factory at different phase?

Many PCB circuit designers and purchases can’t find the right suppliers.

  1. PCB prototype

Low price with bad quality,high quality with high price

  1. Mass production

Big factory don’t need small batch order,also bad service. The small factory quality is not guaranteed.

When we choose PCB manufacturers, we have to make clear the market orientation of each supplier, so that we can get reasonable price and good service. Otherwise, you can only run into a brick wall, then choose a compromise, and sometimes it makes it difficult for you.

Some of the problems that will be encountered in the R & D phase, race running with time, repeated tests. Most of the time is the customer chasing the bottom run, sometimes have to get through carelessly.

There is a misunderstanding, that is, the time, the quality of the product and the production speed of board is related to a certain extent. For example, 1-2 days expedite, factory will ignore some important inspection process or reduce testing standards when making, so the quality of products will be discounted when they are handed over to R & D people. But because the R & D people have to test the performance and effect for product in short time, the demand is still in the market.

It is often haste makes waste. When developer finish welding components and they fail to achieve the test results, they will spend a very long time of investigation, which is much longer than using quality guaranteed PCB. Instead, it makes a lot of trouble for the R & D cycle. Therefore, the comprehensive consideration of the economy and speed,quality guarantee is better than other choice. Some factories provide slower cycles than other manufacturers. This is not because they have lower standards, mainly because the technology level needs to be improved.

For example, the 2 Layer PCB prototype production cycle is reasonable in 3-7 days. Such a factory can guarantee the quality of the product, and can also provide a small batch of 5-20 square meters in this time range for the customer’s needs. At the same time, the price will not be very low at USD100~185/SQM, If some manufacturers give you a cheaper price, you should pay special attention to the quality of the product.

If you have much more money and a reasonable development plan, it is necessary to choose some PCB manufacturers with stable delivery and quality assurance. Why do you say that?

This kind of single plant blindly fast, low prices to customers. 60%-70% PCBs will have  problems in the test, no matter what considerations, this loss is not only influence the development cycle, as well as the company’s honor, are more likely to have crisis of people’s life.

When your factory is in the stage of promotion, when the product is on trial production, it is necessary to avoid a lot of customer complaints. The more the customer complaints, the greater the impact on your product market. Now the electronic market is changing fast, and many times just because of a small device, a small PCB can lead to big loss of customers.

Making a product like human behave, a small shortcoming will kill many advantages. When we save the cost for the company, we should also consider the reputation of the company and the subsequent product cost.

When your products are finished development and small batch, go to the market stage, you should also choose a reliable partner to make the company Evergreen.

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