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PCB material(CCL)’s price continual rising

In recent months,PCB material cost is continual increase lead to China PCB enterprisers are in difficult situation. Especially price soared of copper foil,copper ball,glass fibre,epoxy resin have exceeded the limit of maximum cost of printed circuit enterprises. In pass 10 years, PCB enterprises have cut the price to bottom for scramble market without profit.Now they had to rise PCB price as raw materials pressure.


China epoxy resin industry association market expert said most of China PCB price has been in low position since international IT industry bubble burst during 2001 to 2002 and the economic downturn.even many enterprises running under loss profit.Also because most of PCB enterprise scattered and small compared with OEM,EMS and other terminal customers,lead to PCB enterprises are in low bargain power.meanwhile in recent years, the rising cost of all aspects,raw materials,water and electricity,wages and other rising and downstream customers continue press PCB manufacture in price,PCB enterprises are very difficult in developing.the long-term development of the industry is a challenge.Therefore, reasonable PCB price can keep enterprise vitality.If pcb enterprise lose their vitality due to the lack of profit,it will impact whole electronic industry and hinder the progress of whole electronics industry. in this case, it’s necessary to adjust the price of PCB.

Market experts believe that current adjustment of PCB price is very timely,the whole industry enterprises are very welcome and support this work. according to China epoxy resin industry association market experts,the PCB price adjustment is prerequiste that PCB raw and auxiliary materials continued 2 years of rising and soar in recent,PCB enterprise can not afford such high cost pressure and be forced to adjust price to downstream user.

Raw material prices are determined by supply and demand. it according market rule and can be understood. PCB developed too fast in past years as one of whole industry chain.upstream raw materials in short supply and prices all the way the PCB capacity disequilibrium lead to vicious competition to provide more opportunities for downstream users,most of the PCB running under no profit and can not resist so much range of raw materials price. from this point of view pcb price adjustment is inevitable,it’s the only way to save themselves,but also in line with market rules.

Most of the leading enterprises in the industry analysis and compared different costs for different products to re-establish the reasonable price of each product and one by one to contact to customer to communication of raise price requirements. For a number of low tech products, the enterprise to take the abandoned policy,re-position market follow company ability. and strengthen coordination with customers and inform customer of the company’s raw material rising pressure,and from the service and product quality to further cooperate with the customer.

They believe that the upstream and downstream enterprises need more communication and consultation, the CCL, PCB, the relationship between the 3 plant analysis, communication, interpretation,


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