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PCB Plated Through Hole-Throwing Power Technology

It’s important to know factors affecting of PTH throwing power to electronics products, then improve high aspect ratio for facilitating’s good for electronics products reliability,reduce fabrication cost,improve productivity.


Plated through hole(PTH) is the crucial process of PCB manufacture. it need be plated enough copper in wall of hole for connect different layers. The copper thickness is very critical for good PCB.

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Throwing Power(TP)

Even-plated of through hole is a important factor to adjudge PTH. we call it throwing power,It’s the ratio of plated copper thickness between center point to edge of hole.


Aspect ratio

Throwing power is always relative aspect ratio. When aspect ratio is low,it means board thickness is thin and hole is have enough space for ion spreading,power is adequate distribution when the TP is high. If aspect ratio is high,it occur “dog bone” result, the TP capability is low.


King Sun capability of TP capability.

TP- capability

High TP’s advantage

  1. Products quality assurance:

The plated of hole wall distributed evenly ensure PCB have good reliability and stability in surface Mount             Technology and usage, it great increase longevity of products.

  1. Improve productivity:

Plating process is bottleneck of PCB manufacture.High TP capability can shorten the process time and increase capacity.

  1. Reduce manufacture cost:

  TP improved 10% can reduce 10% material consumption and promote international competitive power.

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