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PCB Soldering Tips

  • In round welding order.The device of welding sequence: resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits and other components of the power tube for small to large.
  • Both the chip and the base have a direction,The welding should be in strict accordance with the PCB board gap with the direction of the chip, the base and the PCB of the three gap corresponding.
  • Welding to make solder are all around the tin soldered firmly, prevent weld.
  • In polarity welding capacitor round, general exergy capacitance values are relatively large, the capacitor is divided by the length of the pin feet corresponding “+” in the hole.
  • Before installing the chip, it is better to bend the sides slightly so that it is inserted into the socket corresponding to the base.
  • Potentiometer also has direction, and its knob and PCB board on the protruding direction corresponding.
  • When taking the resistance, find the required resistance, take the scissors, cut the required number of resistors, and write the resistance to find.
  • After loading the same specification, install another specification, and try to make the resistor the same. After welding, the surface of the printed circuit board is exposed and the excess pin is cut together.
  • Welding integrated circuit, the first check the type, pin location is in accordance with the requirements. When the first edge of welding welding pin two pin to the location, and then from left to right from top to bottom by welding.
  • Electrical components for pin long, such as exergy capacitor, the resistance etc.. After welding, cut it short.
  • After welding with a magnifying glass view spot, check whether the occurrence of weld and short circuit conditions.
  • When there is a connection to access, be careful not to make the connection that the depth is too long, the rubber wire rotation in the skin, the situation is broken.
  • When the circuit is connected, it is better to use cleaning agent to clean the surface of the circuit so as to prevent the short circuit of the circuit.
  • In the aging of multiple instruments, we should pay attention to the connection of wire, zero line to zero line, FireWire to firewire.
  • When the final group is turned, the wires should be secured to prevent confusion and crossing.
  • The aging process can be found a lot of problems; the connection to pick tight screws to be tightened, when repeatedly plug several times, should pay attention to the connection joint is damaged.
  • Tin should not be excessive when soldering tin. When the solder joint is tapered, it is the best

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