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The 8 Things You Should Know In PCB Design

1.Do not forget to add capacitive filter at the power input and output

Normally, the electrical signals are unstable at the input and output of the power supply, and the power supply directly to the load will cause damage to the load for a long time, and it will also make the work unstable.And we know that the capacitor has the function of storing energy and filtering the voltage. The capacitor stores the electronic charge inside it and goes into the capacitor. The electronic charge accumulates continuously, and then the output with smooth. The output is smooth and free of fluctuation, so that the load can get a steady and steady flow of input.A smooth, fluctuating voltage that makes the load more reliable and does not damage the device. Filtering the voltage supplied to the load by the capacitor, from an empirical point of view, it’s generally a large electrolytic capacitor, with a 104 capacitor filtering. Large capacitors are used to filter low frequency waves, and small capacitors are used to filter high frequency waves. Two combinations are used, and the effect is ideal.

2. Don’t let the useless power go too far

In the circuit design, we should try to make the useless power design as small as possible, so as to improve the power factor. If in the circuit design, the board of heat accounted for a large part of the board backward output power will be reduced. If a board power consumption increases, when the output power of the board unchanged, then this requires the board input power, which will be more power consumption.

3.Do not arbitrarily select the power of components

Each electronic components have different power, high power selection will lead to electronic components price is high, the cost increase. If two small power will cause electronic components fever,it will make short lifetime in long-term work with high temperature. We should select the power of the electronic component reasonably through calculate the power consumption of the component in the circuit. When the rated power of a component is known, it is better not to exceed the rated power of the designed circuit, otherwise it needs to be cooled.When the current on the component is relatively large, we should ensure that the pressure on both sides is not too big. That is, if we select the current value that flows through it, then there is a maximum critical value for the pressure difference between the two sides of it.

4.Don’t ignore the basic features of components

As an electronic engineer, to be able to design a circuit of a better, to be able to use the basic characteristics of electronic components, we will learn the existing components, working principle and characteristics to collocation and combination, and the formation of the various functions of the circuit to achieve an objective demand.Like a one-way conduction diode, an important characteristic of reverse voltage clamp, etc.,reverse voltage characteristics of the voltage stabilizing tube, triode fluidic flow etc..

5.Do not forget the commonly used electronic components package

The encapsulation of electronic components is actually the shape of components, including the size of components. In the circuit design process, to the components of the package, cooked in the heart, when talking about a package, in the brain inside can know what this is, want to come out and form a concept. First of all, in the process of production, the packaging is related to the production of welding technology. Secondly, in the PCB layout design, the board decided to package the appearance. Familiar with common packaging, component selection process with half the effort.

6.Don’t ignore modular design

The hardware design and software programming software is the same, when writing the program, we have to put each function into a function module, in different projects, sometimes using the same function module.For example, we write lighting, communication into a fixed function module. When we use it in different projects, copy it directly and we can use it directly. This greatly reduces the time we write programs and improves efficiency, which we call modular management.Therefore, the hardware engineer or senior engineer not only make circuit design but also the modular design, thereby greatly reducing the module design time, improve design efficiency, make our design simple. There is no need to repeat the same job in a single project.

7.Don’t ignore costs

As an electronic engineer, it is necessary to pay special attention to the cost of the product. The cost is the red line running through the beginning and the end of the project.For a company, the final product will be sold in the market. For the purpose of profit, if you design the product is too expensive, so even if you do good, no one will buy it, the project will fail. For an excellent engineer, one of the best things to do is to take the cost as a measure.

8.Not a single angle of thinking design, overall design should be integrated

You can not drag the components from the beginning design, Such design lacks systematicness and overall arrangement direct drawing with no change. We need to have a global view, and then design each detail, also needs theory as a guide.

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