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What Is LED Lighting PCB?

LED lighting PCB is actual Aluminum core PCB, it’s a unique metal based copper clad laminate aluminum substrate. It has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation performance and mechanical processing performance.  

Features of MCPCB:

  • Adopt the surface mount technology (SMT);
  • Effective treatment of thermal dissipation in circuit design
  • Reduce the operating temperature of products, improve product reliability and power density, prolong the service life of the product;
  • Reduce the product volume, and reduce the hardware cost assembly;
  • Replacing brittle ceramic substrates to achieve better mechanical durability


The structure of MCPCB

Metal Clad printed circuit board(MCPCB)-layer stackup

Aluminum base copper clad laminate is a metal circuit board materials, copper foil, thermal insulation layer and the metal substrate composition, its structure is divided into three layers:

  • Circuit Layer: equivalent to ordinary PCB CCL, line copper foil thickness 1ozto 10   
  • Insulating Layer: insulatinglayer is a low thermal conductivity insulation material. Thickness: 0.003 “to 0.006” inches, it’s the core technology of aluminum based copper clad laminate which has obtained UL certification.  
  • Based Layer: it is a metal substrate, usually aluminum or optional copper.

The circuit layer (i.e. copper foil) usually is printed circuit board after etching, which are connected with each other in various parts of the assembly, under normal circumstances, with the current carrying capacity of the circuit layer greatly, which should use thick copper foil thickness from 35 μm~280 μm; thermal insulation layer is the core technology of MCPCB, it generally, a special polymer filled by special ceramic thermal resistance small, viscoelastic properties, thermal aging ability, able to withstand mechanical and thermal stress.The metal base is a supporting member of aluminum substrate, with high thermal conductivity, usually aluminum, can also use copper (copper which can provide better thermal conductivity), suitable for drilling, punching, cutting and other conventional mechanical processing.

King Sun used aluminum based materials, compared with other materials incomparable advantages. Suitable for power assembly surface mount SMT public art. Without radiator, the volume is reduced, the cooling effect of excellent insulation properties and good mechanical properties.

The usage of aluminum based PCB

Use in power hybrid IC (HIC).  

  1. Audio equipment: input and output amplifier, balanced amplifier, audio amplifier, preamplifier, power amplifier and so on.  
  2. Power supply equipment: switch regulator, `DC/AC converter, `SW regulator, etc..  
  3. Communication electronic equipment: high frequency amplifier, filter circuit, electrical telegraphy.  
  4. Office automation equipment: motor driver, etc..  
  5. Automobile : electronic regulator, ignitor, power controller, etc..  
  6. Computer: CPU board \ floppy disk driver \ “power supply device, etc..  
  7. Power module: converter, solid relay, rectifier bridge, etc..
  8. Lamps and LEDlighting: with the promotion of energy-saving lamps, all kinds of energy-saving gorgeous LED lights are greatly welcomed by the market, while the aluminum substrate used in LED lamps have begun large-scale application.

King Sun PCB have engaged in developing and manufacturing metal core base PCBs(MCPCB) since 2005,now commonly used in LED lighting to increase longevity,our MCPCBs be recognized with great reliability and play a major role in excellent heat dissipation.

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