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Who stole your money in PCB manufacture

As a PCB manufacture engineer, we saw many PCB designers didn’t considered the produce feasible lead to PCB fabrication cost be raised a lot and they didn’t realized. As most of PCB designers don’t have knowledge of PCB manufacture and don’t know how to optimize design can save money.

Seven tips you should know:

(I) Copper Layer

pcb trace

  • The min. trace width/space should be more than 4/4mil although King Sun can make 3/3mil, but it need extra charge.the big the better for fabrication.
  • The space should be more than 20mil between copper to board edge.


pcb vias

  • The min vias should more than 0.3mm(12mil),the ring of pad should more than 4mil, 6mil is better.although King Sun can make min hole 0.15mm(6mil),there also need extra charge.
  • The space is more than 6mil between via rim to via rim. 8mil is better.
  • For inner layer of multilayer, the space is more than 8mil between via rim to trace.



  • The PTH holes diameter should larger 0.2mm than pin at least.For example pin is 0.6mm,then you need design the holes diameter 0.8mm.
  • The ring of PTH pad should be more than 0.2mm(8mil).
  • The space of PTH hole rim should more than 0.3mm(12mil), the big the better.
  • The space should more than 20mil between PTH pad to board edge.

(IV) Solder mask

PCB solder mask

  • The solder mask opening of PTH pad and SMT pad should be more than 0.05mm(2mil).But take care solder mask opening is not the bigger the better.4-6mil is perfect.
  • The space of IC pad should more than 8mil to keep the solder mask bridge.

(V) Silkscreen

pcb Silkscreen

The width of legend should more than 0.15mm(6mil),the height should more than 0.8mm(32mil),depth-width ratio should be 5. For example legend width 0.2mm, then height need be 1mm.

(VI) Slot

pcb slot

  • Min width of PTH slot should be more than 0.8mm.
  • Min width of NPTH slot should be more than 1.6mm.

(VII) Build Panel

pcb v-cut

  • If panel delivery the space of units should be more than 1.6mm. 2mm is popular.
  • If the space of units is 0, than we need use V-CUT to produce, the min. Board width of V-CUT should be more than 8cm,otherwise the board will drop into equipment.

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