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Why Circuit Board (PCB) Is Mostly Green Color?

Everyone has discussed the circuit board, that what is green layer(solder welding, green oil), what to do (to prevent welding process, solder paste and copper surface contact caused by short circuit)?

First of all, the main component of green oil is resin + green paint. Of course the resin is not green by birth,and then mix the paint and make it green (here’s no production flow).

You’ve got to ask, why paint? Because the resin is translucent products, if do not add color, it is really difficult to see whether the solder on the circuit board, if can not to see how on-line production? Especially when you rely on visual inspection in early days , testers at the next station will work with you desperately.

Finally, it becomes easy on the color check, you can prepare on-line board.

Well, there’s still no answer. Why is green more?. But the smart friends who may have found early, the inspections are more visual in early days. Since childhood, the teacher says, green is good to the eye, fight fatigue. The line workers have to protect their eyes in overload works every day (in fact, hope that they are not so tired, work more, make fewer mistakes, and evil capitalism).This is one of the reasons why green is the main reason.

The second reasons, we go back to cost. Well, yes, I’m a buyer, and the cost is very important. As the production process, green is the mainstream, the procurement of natural green paint will be greater, it can be asserted that green paint procurement costs relative to other colors will be lower. At the same time, the same color coating can reduce the cost of line changing in mass production.

The third reasons are directly related to the second cause. In order to reduce the cost, many companies will produce green green oil in large quantities. If you need other red orange yellow black blue violet, is based on the existing green on the blending of other colors. You see, extra paint costs money. There will also be customers with special needs, manufacturers can also choose this case directly when add paint on the use of red orange yellow black blue violet paint when great amount.

For these three reasons, green has become the mainstream color of the PCB industry.

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