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Project Description

Flexible PCB Cable:

Layers : 4 Layer
FPC Material: ADH 20um/PI 25um RA
Board Thickness: 0.25mm
Surface Finishing: ENIG
Finished Copper thickness: 1/1 OZ
Profile: Laser
FR4 stiffener

Flex PCB Capability:

Layer Type: Single Layer,2 Layer, 4 Layer, 6 Layer
The minimum Trace Width/Space: 0.035/0.035mm for 1/3OZ, 0.06/0.06mm for 1/2OZ, 0.1/0.1mm for 1/1OZ
The maximum FPC Dimension: 250x140mm
The minimum FPC Dimension: 5x8mm
The minimum FPC Thickness: 0.06mm+/-0.03mm
The minimum FPC via: 0.1mm
The FPC Copper Thickness: 1/3 oz, H OZ, 1 OZ
The Standard material PI Thickness: 13/18/20/25/50um
The Coverlay Thickness: 12.5um, 25um
The Stiffener Type: PI stiffener 12.5/25/50/75/100/125/150/200/250um,PET stiffener 0.125/0.188/0.25um,FR4 stiffener 0.1~1.0mm,Stainless Steel stiffener 0.1~0.3mm
Surface Finishing: ENIG, Immersion Tin,ENEPIG,Plated Tin,Plated Nickel, Plated Gold,Immersion Nickel

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