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Teach you to judge PCB surface technology by color

In the circuit boards of mobile phones and computers, there are gold and copper. Therefore, the recycling price of used circuit boards can reach more than 30 yuan per kilogram. It is more expensive than selling waste paper, glass bottles and scrap iron. From the outside, the outer layer of the board has
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PCB circuit board heat treatment and cause analysis

The heat generated during the operation of the electronic device causes the internal temperature of the device to rise rapidly. If the heat is not dissipated in time, the device will continue to heat up, and the device will fail due to overheating, and the reliability of the electronic device
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Good and bad method for discriminating PCB integrated circuits

First, check the board method: 1. Observation method: whether it is burnt, burnt, foaming, board breakage, socket rust. 2. Table measurement method: Whether the +5V, GND resistance is too small (below 50 ohms). 3. Power-on check: For the bad board, the high voltage can be slightly adjusted to 0.5-1V. After the power is turned on, the
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Share PCB layout and EMC from 22 directions

Guide: Speaking of the difficult problem of switching power supply , PCB layout problem is not very difficult, but if you want to lay out a fine PCB board must be one of the difficulties of switching power supply (PCB design is not good, may lead to no matter how to debug parameters
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