PCB Silkscreen Design Tips

Many PCB designers think the silkscreen legend is not as important as circuit,so they didn’t care about the legend dimension and place position.As a PCB expert, we should consider these particular details.There are some tips for those new PCB designers. PCB silkscreen automatical machine The standard design of PCB Silkscreen: Oil printing: The
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What Is Multilayer PCB Lamination?

Multilayer PCB have played the leading role as double side PCB is a far cry from meeting demands as upgrading constantly of electronic products in nowaday. Most PCB users don’t know what is the multilayer PCB lamination, let us learn it today. Multilayer circuit boards lamination is all inner layer bonding
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How To Quick Find PCB Defects?

PCB is printed circuit board,it mechanically supports and electrically connects electronic components using conductive tracks,pads and other features etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate,achieve electronic components automated assembly,welding,inspection,guaranteed the quality of electronic devices,improved productivity and reduced the cost,it’s favorable for repair. PCB from single layer to multilayer,flex,keep ourselves

Robots Apply In PCB Industry.

PCB industry is technology-intensive,capital-intensive,labor-intensive industry.A middle scale factory have thousands workers, most of automatic machines need worker pile line operation.This years Chinese government impel corporation upgrade the structure of industry and the new labor contract law implement,lead to PCB factory face labor cost raise sharply and shortage,then impact production plan,products

Why Occurs Rough Unshaped Welding in PCB Assembly

PCB design and manufacture is critical and don’t allowed any mistake.The article will analyses why occurs rough unshaped welding in PCB assembly. There have many factors lead to rough unshaped welding,like PCB PTH weldability, welding temperature incorrect,solder components incorrect,etc. It’s unfavourable for PCB components running,so we must avoid rough unshaped welding. PCB PTH
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Back Board Design

Back Board Routing Topology Back board routing topology included Centralized Switching,Distributed Switching,Hybrid Switching,Holst/Slave Switching.             Centralized Switching Distributed Switching Hybrid Switching Host/Slave Switching The Structure of Back Board VITA standard required the dimension of back board,tooling hole position and size,direction,each solt,and case heat dissipation etc. Back Board Connector Back Board use MULTIGIG RT connector,the
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