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How To Calculate The PCB Price?

Each piece of PCB to sell are customized in PCB industry, therefore, PCB board quotation need to be cost calculation first, but also need to refer to the utilization ratio of material to make a comprehensive quote.

Many PCB purchasing people have no idea for the ever-changing PCB prices, even many years of experience, they may don’t understand the whole story. There are many factors that affect the price of the PCB circuit board: materials, production process, difficult technoloies, customer requirements, regional,term of payment, manufacturers and other factors caused PCB circuit board cost is different.

First, PCB circuit boards are made of different materials, resulting in price diversity

Talk about materials of double-sided PCB,base material generally are FR-4, CEM-3,etc,thickness from 0.6mm to 3.0mm,copper thickness ranging from H OZ to 6 OZ, the different sheets will cause the cost gap is huge, the solder resist ink, ordinary thermosetting oil and photosensitive oil also has a certain price difference, so the materials caused by different diversity price.

Second, PCB adopted different production processes, resulting in price diversity

Different production processes can result in different costs. For example, gold plating and HASL, outline of milling and punching.the printing circuit and dry film circuit will lead to different costs, resulting in the diversity of the price.

Third, the price diversity caused by the difficulty of PCB itself

Even if the material is the same, the process is the same, but the PCB itself is difficult, also cause different costs. If two circuit board has 1000 holes, one plate aperture is greater than 0.6mm and the other plate aperture is less than 0.6mm will form the drilling cost is different; such as the two circuit board the same, but different from the line width, a more than 0.2mm, a less than 0.2mm, also cause different cost of production, because the difficulty board rejection rate is higher, the inevitable costs increase, causing the price of diversity.

Fourth, customer requirements will also lead to different prices

Customer requirements will directly affect the yield of PCB plant, such as a PCB by IPC-A-600E, the Class2 requires a 98% pass rate, but according to the requirements of class 3 may pass rate of only 90%, resulting in different plant costs, resulting in changeable price.

Process cost:

  • The density of PCB layout, if the circuit line width/space is smaller than 4/4mil, the cost will be increased.
  • If PCB board has BGA, so that the cost will rise relatively.
  • The surface finishing,the common surface included: HASL,OSP, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver,ENIG,ENEPIG,Gold plating. The surface process is different, the price will be different. in general the cost is like : HASL<OSP<Immersion Tin,Immersion Sliver<ENIG<ENEPIG<Gold plating
  • Acceptance standards,we are commonly used IPC Class 2 level, but there are customer requirements will be higher, such as IPC Class 3, enterprise standards, military standards, etc., of course, the higher the standard, the higher the price will be.

PCB cost calculation is the most complex among all the industries,from cutting material, pressing,CNC,FQC, packaging, finished products, the need accounting for each process step by step based on the input material costs, labor costs, manufacturing costs, according to the order number in total cost.And different types of products, the standard rate of their processes will be different. For some products, such as blind PCB, gold plating and copper plate, some special calculation methods must be adopted because of the particularity of the process or all the materials. Similarly, the size of drilling holes used in drilling operations will also affect the cost of products, which directly affect the calculation and evaluation of WIP costs and scrap costs.

In addition, a PCB buyer should pay attention to the choice of PCB board manufacturers, not just from the price point of choice, but compare the strength of manufacturers, supply support, and services etc..

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