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How To Reduce PCB Manufacturing Cost In PCB Design

When we design a project, we care more about layout and wiring, and often ignore the additional PCB manufacturing costs in the design. Here are some of the factors that affect PCB prices in the design and avoid increasing costs to customers.

PCB Layers number:layers good for layout, but the price increases with the number of plies, the higher of layers number, the price is doubled.

Vias size: As much as possible with more than 0.25mm, less than 0.25mm, most manufacturers have to charge extra fee.

Via in Pad plugging:the manufacturer usually increases the cost. Try not to use it unless the signal and layout are limited.

Back drilling: use in back board and other high-speed signal, otherwise do not use.

Line space and width: usually less than 4mil, manufacturers have to increase extra charges.

Materials: (high Tg, halogen free high frequency = unconventional material) will increase purchasing cycle and production cost. Some high-frequency materials can be mixed with ordinary sheets to reduce costs.

HDI and blind buried: the cost increase is very large, if the package is allowed, the best not to use. (0.65 or more BGA packages can be fan out via holes, and some 0.5bga packages can be fan out through vias, mainly to see packages pads and available pin).

Surface finishing: ENIG,Immersion Tin,Immersion Ag,Gold finger will increase the costs, which is mainly determined by the customer.

Copper thickness, PCB area, the number and type of holes, the surface treatment of gold layer thickness, and even the delivery time will affect the price of PCB.You need a lot of attention because some price control is very strict, as mentioned via in pad, backdrill,impedance, especially the selection of PCB materials,expect for some products that not particularly concerned about costs. Of course, in general, when we control costs, we must take into account its reliability, because sometimes the cost of PCB is actually not the most expensive (except for some high-end PCB).

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