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Industry leading high quality fast PCB manufacturing

King Sun PCB Technology is a PCB manufacturing company engaged in high-density interconnect multilayers, various types of Quickturn prototype PCBs and mass production. Our products include: HDI PCB, Via in PAD PCB, ENEPIG PCB, Castellated hole PCB, small BGA ball PCB, heavy copper foil PCB, high frequency PCB, rigid flexible PCB.

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Our Service

Quickturn Prototype PCBs

We provide Quickturn Prototype PCBs manufacturing.if you order today, 3 days later you will get PCB board on your desk.

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Free DFM Check

From now on, you will not make mistake as we have special team help you free check your PCB design

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High Quality

You just need cost 1/2 price or lower of your local supplier, you will get high quality PCB and excellent customers service.

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PCB board production process analysis.

PCB layout The first step in PCB fabrication is to organize and inspect the PCB layout. The PCB production factory receives CAD files from the PCB design company. Since each CAD software has its own unique file format, the PCB factory will be converted into a uniform format - Ex te nded Gerber RS -274X or

What Is FPC material

Flexible Copper Clad Laminate (FCCL) is a kind of soft printed board material which appeared in 1970s. It is composed by metal foil (generally copper foil),insulating film and binder materials with different functional,the material can be easy bend and flexure. Flexible PCB has developed rapidly in recent years, and its

Why Need Keep PCB Clean

When troubleshooting non-functional or poor performance circuits, engineers can run simulations or other analysis tools to consider the circuit from the schematic level. If these methods can not solve the problem, even the best engineers may be stumped and frustrated or confused. To avoid a similar dead end, I'll introduce

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