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Project Description

Castellated Holes PCB

Layers: 4 Layer
PCB material: FR4 High Tg(S1000-2)
Board Thickness: 1.8mm
Surface Finishing: ENEPIG
Finished Copper thickness:1/1/1/1 oz

Special Technology:

  • Burried routed channel(depth routing from L3-L4)
  •  Partial depth holes
  •  Castellated holes(half wall hole)
  •  Surface finsihed ENEPIG

Standard PCB Capability:

Minimum Circuit Trace Width/Space: 2.7/2.7mil
The Minimum Via Size : 0.15mm
The Minimum legend Height/Width: 0.5mm/0.12mm
Surface Finishing: HASL-LF, ENIG,ENEPIG,OSP,Gold Finger,Hard Gold Plating,Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin
Special Technology: Blind&buried via, Via In Pad,Backdrill,Small BGA Pad,Impedance control,Heavy Copper,Copper Filled Vias,Countersink hole,Depth Milling
Material Type: FR4,Metal Core,Halogen Free FR4,Rogers,PTFE,Arlon,Nelco,Polyimide
Final Board Thickness: 0.4mm ~ 6.0mm
Final Copper Thickness: HOZ 1OZ 2OZ 3OZ 4OZ 6OZ 10OZ
Shaping: CNC Routing,Punching,V-CUT, Depth milling, Castellation
Special Hole: Blind&buried hole,Depth milling,T-slot,Countersink hole
Quick-turn Lead Time: 1 Day for 2 Layer PCB, 2 Days for 4 Layer PCB, 3 Days for 6 Layer PCB

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