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Project Description

High Heat Dissipation MCPCB:

Aluminum base PCB
1 Layer
Aluminum base PCB,Al 1.5mm,5052H34,dielectric 0.1mm,copper thickness 1 oz.
Surface finishing ENIG.
Solder mask white,silkscreen black.
Use in Led Lighting.

Metal Core PCB Capability:

Circuit Trace Width/Space: 4/4mil
The Minimum Hole Diameter: 0.5mm (NPTH), 0.3mm(PTH)
The Minimum legend Height/Width: 0.8mm/0.15mm
Surface Finishing: HASL-LF, ENIG, Immersion Silver,Plated Silver,OSP,ENEPIG
Maximum Panel Dimension: 1200mm x 600mm
Final Board Thickness: 0.5mm ~ 5.0mm
Final Copper Thickness: HOZ 1OZ 2OZ 3OZ 4OZ 6OZ 10OZ
Dielectric Thickness: 50um 75um 100um 125um 150um
Metal Type: AL(1100.3003.5052.6061),Mirror Finish Al, Cu, Fe,Stainless Steel
Metal Substrate Thickness: 0.5mm 0.8mm 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 3.0mm 3.2mm
Solder mask colour: White, Black, Green,Red, Yellow,Blue,Grey
Shaping: Tooling Punching,CNC Routing,V-CUT
Special Hole: Blind&buried hole,Depth milling,T-slot,Countersink hole
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