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Quickturn Prototype PCBs

Do you working under the pressure of project deadlines? Our Quickturn Prototype PCBs service is your best value.We understand lead time is critical in the development of a new project.It is a competitive advantage for your business to test out your designs at faster rate than your competitors.if you order today, 3 days later you will get PCBs products on your desk.

King Sun PCB is running two shifts with 24 hours ensure on time of quickturn prototype PCBs:

  • More than 30 engineers ensure CAM file quick turn to production line.
  • Strict control time for each process.
  • All process are staffed by a qualtiy assurance person,guarantee no mistake on printed circuit boards.
  • DHL,UPS,FedEx international express ensure delivery time

Our Quickturn Prototype PCBs Capabilities:

Layer Lead Time(premium) Lead Time (standard)
2 24 Hours 4 Days
4 48 Hours 5 Days
6 72  Hours 6 Days
8 96 Hours 7 Days
10 6 Days 8 Days
12 7 Days 9 Days

Why quickturn prototype PCBs is not quick?

PCB design standardization affects the delivery of Quickturn Prototype PCBs.It is very inappropriate to delay the time in the revision and confirmation of the design files.So customers design circuit board drawing not only to consider the circuit function and characteristics,as well as consider PCB Fabrication Capability ,all aspects factors of circuit board assembly and circuit board welding.The standardized PCB design will save circuit board proofing time.

How to ensure the quality of quickturn prototype PCBs?

Many electronic products function are strange,the use of electronic products are vary widely. Inaccurate understanding of circuit board sample preparation characteristics of the use of industry characteristics and environmental requirements, will lead to circuit board prototype can not meet design requirements.Needless to say,with the increasing demands of quickturn prototype PCBs,PCB manufacturers combine the similar PCB prototypes into big panel to reduce production costs.Because many PCB prototypes just verify the function whether the circuit design is feasible.This kind of market circumstance directly make some PCB manufacturers can not focus all resource to circuit boards quality assurance,everything tend to cheap.

King Sun PCB insist quality is core, we make prototypes follow requirements of mass production standard to shorten product development cycle,reduce the entire project development costs:

  • The feasibility of maintaining product identification and traceability.
  • Control of feed, process and shipment inspection.
  • The management of testing and testing equipment.
  • The management of unqualified products.
  • Handling and tracking of product quality abnormality.
  • The handling of customer complaints.
  • The application of statistical technology.

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