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Robots Apply In PCB Industry.

PCB industry is technology-intensive,capital-intensive,labor-intensive industry.A middle scale factory have thousands workers, most of automatic machines need worker pile line operation.This years Chinese government impel corporation upgrade the structure of industry and the new labor contract law implement,lead to PCB factory face labor cost raise sharply and shortage,then impact production plan,products quality and profit capability.Follow the Robot skill improvement and price down,Robot+Automatic machines will replace Labor+Automatic operation.

The type and feature of industry Robots

Industry robots is automated equipment and system through programmable and automatic control to finish one or more can connect manufacture host or production line organized to one or more automated machine system to achieve transport,welding,sorting,assembly and plating operation etc.The first uses of modern robots were in factories as industrial robots:simple fixed machines capable of manufacturing tasks which allowed production without the need for human assistance, digitally controlled industrial robots and robots making use of artificial intelligence have been built since the 1960s.

There are three main types of industrial robots: Scara,Delta robot,6-axes robot,

Three advantages of Industry robots:

  • Programmable

Industry robots are programmable follow the change of tasks and environment,so it adapts in prototype and small volume manufacture, it’s an important part of Flex PCB manufacture system.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Industry robots can walking,bow,have arm,wrist and claw like human.also it have more sensors like human’s Biology Sensor:Touch Sensor,Pressure Sensor,Vision Sensor,Sound Sensor,Language skill,etc. Robots sensor function improved its adapt capability of around environment.

  • Commonality

In general,all industry robots have good commonality can adapt in different tasks operation.Just need change the end effector of robots can execute different tasks.

Industry Robots application in PCB Industry

Industry robots main applied in automobile manufactory in early years,it finished welding,assembly,transport,spraying,these process don’t need high precision and speed.In PCB industry, robots need connect PCB equipment to pick up and down material,turnaround board,sorting and inspection,it make high demands for Robots in fore-end,precise position,work rhythm as PCBs diversification.Now,robots main applied in PCB AOI,exposure process,OPE,Ag plugged,Legend Spraying,Brown Oxide,Pre-Laminate,Package,OSP,Cleaning,etc.

We introduce three typical robots:

  • 6-axes robots apply in AOI inspection

The traditional AOI process is need worker to put,rolling over,collect PCB worker manage two machines can finished about five hundreds panel each day,Robot can finish seven hundreds PCB panels each day, means it can pick up a panel one minute included AOI test time.It great increased productivity.

  • Scara robots apply in PCB hole inspection

Robot can inspect all holes one time instead of worker one by one to check avoid missing inspection by worker’s mistake.

  • Delta robots apply in FPC package

FPC have typical small size,light weight,flex feature.more FPC need in reel loading after be finished,worker use tweezers to put one by one in traditional factory,the productivity is very low. Delta800 robots vision system can recognize FPC side ,position and angle from convey belt, then inform robot fore-end suction pad to grab and adjust angle put into reel, the speed is 60 pcs/min,completely instead of labor.

The advantage of Robots replace labor

Robots replace labor in PCB industry will bring more favorable to factory.

  • Cut down labors,extend working time,improve productivity,reduce manage cost.
  • Improve operation precision,improve produce quality.
  • Avoid working environment threaten worker’s health and safety.
  • Avoid workers are low emotion as repeat and boring working.
  • Optimize work flow,decrease working space.
  • Robots can keep working in 24 hours.

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